Free Curriculum Websites

The following websites offer free curriculum resources you can use to build your own curriculum, and some even have a full curriculum to use completely free.

If you’re looking for resources for specific subjects click here!


Core Knowledge

Discovery K12

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool

Free Math Program

Freedom Homeschooling

Homeschool Giveaways

Khan Academy

Lesson Plans Page

Little Pagan Acorns

Math is Fun

Practical Pages

Ursa Minor Learning

Wildwood Curriculum


Easter Basket Ideas

I put together a list of what I think are some of the best Easter basket filler ideas for different age groups!



•stuffed animal

•sensory balls

•yogurt melts

•egg shaker

egg shaped crayons



color bath dropz

play doh

finger paint




•colouring book



skipping rope

•magnifying glass



Older Kids

flip flops

giant pool float




•bath bomb



•gift cards

•beach towel


FREE Award-Winning K-12 Science Program

Tomatosphere™ is a FREE award-winning science program by Let’s Talk Science for K-12. You can register and order free tomato seeds for your class or homeschool. You have the option to do a 1-3 week program or extend to an additional 4-6 weeks longer. Your students will learn:

•Daily and Seasonal Changes and the Effects on the Plants

•Characteristics of Living Things

•Needs of Living Things

•Characteristics of Plants

•Life Cycle of Plants

•Interactions Between Living Things and Plants in Their Environment

& more!

Here’s an even more awesome part – you get two packages of seeds: one pack that’s been sent into space or treated in space-simulated conditions, and one with untreated “control” seeds. Your students will be learning about the effects that space has on tomato seed growth as well as helping scientists understand issues in long term space travel when you submit your results.

It’s such a cool program, and would make a great addition to any science curriculum. They provide you with so many free resources, such as step-by-step guides for all grade levels, printable charts, templates and worksheets, videos, and tons of educational information.

If you’re in Canada, you can register here.

And if you’re in the US you can register here.

We are so excited, we just ordered our seeds and are hoping to get them soon so we can start our Seed Investigation!